LEAPSTACK Shanghai Office

Location - Hengtong Rd, Jingan District, Shanghai
Size - 600 SQM
Client - Leapstack
Year - 2017
Services - Design & Construction
JAXDA designed the new office space for Leapstack, a Shanghai based company with an international background and team, responsible for developing the programming system behind insurance and medical companies. 

Using bright, modern materials and colors, together with different light effects, JAXDA created a high-tech, yet comfortable and modern mood of their new office space.

The reception area and logo wall were highlighted by a multitude of linear LED lights, starting from the floor and continued to the ceiling, all on a grey and white base, creating a dramatic atmosphere and welcoming the guests from the lobby elevator. 

Located close to the reception area, the two meeting rooms were designed to be easily combined into one big meeting area, or training space. Movable partition wall and furniture offer the space the possibility to be used in a multifunctional way.

The open office area, located on the right side of the space, was equipped with a few height adjustable tables, writing glass, projector screen and two con-call rooms, with various types of loose furniture to give the space a more comfortable feeling. 

The pantry, combined with one copy area, the finance office and another two con-call rooms, were located on the left side of the space. Built-in cabinets connect the pantry and the copy area, making them easy to use and offering also enough space for storage for all the tools needed in those areas.

For the entire space, soft combinations and different shades of blue, grey, green were used to show the company culture and brand. Raw materials, like concrete, wood, recycled PVC, ecological carpet and fabrics reinforce JAXDA’s statement of designing workplaces while taking care of the environment and the people using the spaces.