1Cloud Shanghai Office

Location - Caobao Rd, Minhang District, Shanghai
Size - 1300 SQM
Client - 1Cloud
Year - 2017
Services - Design & Construction

In today's Internet era, the combination of music and technology gives birth to a new communication carrier. 1Cloud is just such a company that creates Internet music products.JAXDA was invited to build their Shanghai headquarters for 1Cloud.What kind of spatial effect can the union of musical note and office space present after all? JAXDA identified three key words: rhythm, technology, and art to create a vibrant creative music community.

The open space in the office space all retains the bare roof structure of the ceiling, and the overall space is based on black, white and gray, and retains the original cement wall. In the space, the fashion sense of modern elements and the pure sense of original structural materials form a sharp contrast.

The cool black ring front desk has become the absolute visual focus in the front desk area. The artistic graffiti of wall music elements and the rhythmic scale formed by the laying of two-color floor tiles make people feel the vitality of music as soon as they enter the office space.

The warm lighting on the cold color allocation, the large meeting room is simple yet calm, and the bouncing sound wave pattern on the glass runs through the entire office space, reminding employees that this is an innovative company full of music genes.