JAXDA Shanghai New Office

Location - Yanping Rd, Jingan District, Shanghai
Size - 5800 SQM
Client - JAXDA
Year - 2016
Services - Design & Construction
Furniture - Haworth, Humanscale, Steelcase
Carpet - Milliken, Interface, Shaw

More and more companies gradually pay attention to the impact of office space on enterprise development. In fact, a good office space can change employees' working habits, improve office efficiency, and bring out the unique brand personality of the enterprise.

JAXDA, a company that specializes in the design, project management and construction of corporate office environments, provides high-end office space solutions to many of the top 500 companies at home and abroad, but is also very much about the quality of employee Spaces.

In April JAXDA moved from its original zhenbei road office to yanping road, a busy street near Shanghai's jing 'an temple.The new 800 SQM co-working space, designed and built by the JAXDA team, was designed in 2015 and officially completed in March this year.

Design Concept

For JAXDA and other co-workers, you don't have to stay in your seat every day, see the same scenery, change, need a more stimulating place, change.And this is more in line with the future office trend of open office space, where to work, when to work and how to work, all at the will of employees, that is to say, employees can walk around at any time, to ensure better communication, but also to avoid the harm caused by sedentary.

In terms of design style, what JAXDA office space brings to people is a calm, innovative, progressive, environmentally friendly and zen.Of course, when you stop in the middle of it, you can really feel it.

The entrance was built by means of the elevator hall space, and the whole background wall was decorated with wooden strips, which set off the JAXDA brand LOGO, highlighting the overall sense of design and form while fully bringing in the forest environment.A large area of electric sliding glass door opens a transparent and open visual effect for the entrance space. In the design idea of creating an open joint office space, such a space experience has been followed from the beginning.The designer cancelled the front area, leaving more space for the extension of the image wall and composite space.

Instead of sealing off the top space, the entire office area retains the original cement ceiling and plumbing.Including the entire office space of all the cement pillars for the bare structure, in the construction of water paint, retained part of the original cement texture, combined with the overall simple design style, highlighted the sense of space full of natural atmosphere.

A desk that can be moved up or down at will provides a healthy standing work experience for sedentary employees.We all know that sitting in the same position for a long time is not only bad for our health, but also a part of our life.