BLM Group Shanghai Office

Location - Shanghai
Size - 1280 SQM
Client - BLM
Year - 2014
Services - Design & Construction
BLM mechanical equipment (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. of Italy BLM group under the subsidiary, since the establishment of the group, has been the pipe producing technology leader, is also the world's unique manufacturer of all possible pipe processing technology. By providing extensive, world-class local service for the user, BLM GROUP has achieved global success. 

Designed for BLM to create a simple office space, the design aims to promote the customer and the company, communication, team within the company's creativity, to build brand image, and create fresh, vibrant atmosphere. 

Our company LOGO color, green as the main front and working area is tonal, can reflect the company's brand image, but also show the overall feeling of freshness. Slightly graffiti style reception backdrop, broke through the Ordinary Company background wall limitations, reflected in the company focus on creative, flexible and innovative corporate culture. The overall use of glass partition, not only can save space, but also can create a bright office environment.