Bystronic China Office

Location - Qingpu District, Shanghai
Size - 2600 SQM
Client - Bystronic
Year - 2011
Services - Design & Construction
Swiss Bystronic group was founded in 1964, is one of the most famous group of switzerland. Founded in 2001, Bystronic (Shanghai) precision machine tool company, to provide sales, after sale service, training, spare parts supply and a series of localization services to customers. 

Bystronic (Shanghai) precision machine tool company headquartered in Shanghai Hongqiao hub, with intensive nationwide sales and service network, to ensure that both the professional and technical advice, spare parts and wearing parts, or after sale service personnel and call be close by. Bystronic products and services must meet a basic requirement, even if the customers in the market competition has a decisive advantage. 

Bystronic is a provider of industrial products and technology services company, so it's office to meet the company's requirements: spacious, bright, easy maintenance. Office is composed of industrial workshop, office uses open layout in the overall design. The design concept is the original industrial buildings of the original naive and super brand service combining smart nature, internal aspects, designers fully reflects the diversity of space, from black and white to color, from the public to the private, from work to rest, multifunctional office to be fully displayed. Pipeline, office area and building area of exposed beams reflected industrial cold hardened, design room and rest area has added a lot of soft material elements, reveal a rare warm.