Experience Center

Location - Zhenbei Rd, Putuo District, Shanghai
Size - 1500 SQM
Client - Haier
Year - 2019
Services - Design & Construction
Haier, a pioneer in the home appliances industry, became the world's first to introduce a series of complete one-stop smart home solutions including their U+ Smart Life Platform at the CES 2019. JAXDA collaborate with Spacemen & Bokeh to create their flagship experience centre in the heart of Shanghai City to showcase their latest technologies and innovations.

From a far an illuminated ring can be seen hovering in the middle of the lobby acting as a vortex drawing pedestrians within to continue their journey. The central gathering space features 10m high circular atrium and a sculptural spiral staircase, It is flanked by four columns wrapped with LED panels and projectors concealed within its circular white walls thus offering a 360° cinematic view of projections as visitors meander around the lobby or ascending to explore the upper retail floor. 

A pure material palette of white terrazzo, recon stone and polished grey mirror in the lobby space evokes a sleek avant-grade aesthetic that compliments the technological elements of the brand. The experience centre is divided into 3 main areas; ‘The Smart Home’, ‘The Future’, and the ‘Product Experience Zone’, with an array of other programmes inserted in between the main zones such as an office, staff training area, meeting rooms, breakout lounge and kids area.

In the ‘Smart Home’, We fitted the four core home living scenarios; living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, with Haier’s latest intelligent appliances that are either voice activated or connected to a passive activation device. 

This encourages visitors to interact with the ‘Haier Smart Home Cloud’ platform which allows access to real-time information about the products being monitored and controlled with an app on their phones. A soft palette of natural oak timber, off white walls and terrazzo define the interior of the home. Strategically placed openings of greenery provide privacy between the living room and bedroom. While inserted zen gardens create framed views for the bathroom as well as a quiet moment to pause before visitors enter the smart home.