ThoughtWorks Office - Shanghai

Location - Changning Rd, Changning District, Shanghai
Size - 900 SQM
Client - ThoughtWorks
Year - 2018
Services - Design & Construction
ThoughtWorks is well-known in IT software development community. Even to people who are not unfamiliar with its name, as long as they look at the introduction of ThoughtWorks on the search engine, will be shocked by their brilliant and wonderful resume. As a global leader in software design and customization, ThoughtWorks focuses on the development of high-quality, sophisticated and innovative business design and creativity consulting. It promotes the innovation and methodological progress of the entire industry with high-end talents, and promotes the healthy ecology of the entire industry chain.

During the rapid development of China's business, ThoughtWorks' office space was also upgraded at the same time. “Agile” (collaboration, iteration, feedback, transparency) is the most important, and it is always in the daily work of all its teams. JAXDA conducted background checks, employee interviews, and customer work pattern learning in the design of its Shanghai and Chengdu offices, only to be able to inject the most accurate understanding into the design of the office space, while following the company’s communication code: agile response and resubmission, to create an exclusive workspace only for ThoughtWorks.

Design elements:
Different from the delivery center function of ThoughtWorks Chengdu, ThoughtWorks Shanghai's functions are pre-market, business and partial delivery, so the corporate image and culture are under the spotlight during the design process. We use the theme of “forge ahead” and combine the lines with different angles in a simple style, which is intended to reflect the unique vision of ThoughtWorks and the pursuit of industry-leading spiritual. At the same time, the control of different line angles has also made the original narrow office space abundant.

Minimize communication costs in space:
At the ThoughtWorks Shanghai office, all employees do not have their own fixed workstations, and there is a sufficient number of Lockers in the office for use, which greatly improves the mobility of employees, and around any mobile station, You're sure to find a free communication space that you can use, whether it's a meeting room, an open communication area, or a semi-private communication area.
JAXDA's design creates a unique office space combines ideas, trends and styles that only dedicated to ThoughtWorks Shanghai.