ThoughtWorks Office - Chengdu

Location - Tianfu Software Park, Chengdu
Size - 1400 SQM
Client - ThoughtWorks
Year - 2018
Services - Design & Construction
Different from ThoughtWorks Shanghai's function as a business center and image display use, Chengdu office’s position is very clear, an efficient and flexible product delivery center.

The overall environment reflects a concise design language that is transparent, open and in style. In addition, we focus on the interaction between individuals, the interaction between individual and the team, and the interaction between teams.

In the entrance area, the central island-shaped reception desk plays an important role as a “hub station” in the office space. Considering that the ‘agile’ working method requires a more open and freer working environment, the reception, a hub, connects the community event site and the open working area is set up in the space.

A combination of light film lighting and wavy glass is used in design to create a unique light and shadow vibe. The wooden floor guides visitors from the entrance to the reception. The “community” space on the side is a veritable multi-functional area that integrates activities area, waiting area and communication area.

Quick Communication Anywhere, Anytime
Two sets of high-back sofas are put in the locker area at the entrance, it allows employees to communicate quickly, or to make a private call, or even to lay down for a while. The white writing glass serves as the wall of the entire area. It is also used as a diffuse reflection interface to enhance the brightness of the space and enhance the spatial sense with light.

Like ThoughtWorks Shanghai, the Chengdu office is equipped with lockers for every employees, which greatly enhances the mobility of employees and increases the chances of meeting, communication and idea sparkles. The locker cabinet near the large conference room can also be used as a bar counter. Employees can jump into work or conduct small conferences after storing personal belongings.

Whether in ThoughtWorks Chengdu project or ThoughtWorks Shanghai project, understanding the client's work scenario and making the corporate culture truly shown in the office environment has always been our pursuit.