Asatsu-DK Office - Shanghai

Location - Huaihai Rd, Huangpu District, Shanghai
Size - 800 SQM
Client - Asatsu-DK
Year - 2019
Services - Design & Construction
Previously as a member of WPP,largest media group worldwide, and later acquired by US private equity giant Bain Capital,ADK Group is one of three leading and the first listed advertising company in Japan with a number of branches in 15 countries and regions around the world. JAXDA provides design and construction package services for its office in Huaihai Road, Shanghai.

Expressed as ADK's new SLOGAN: Make a move! Being a challenge-oriented advertising company, ADK serves brands with demanding ideas, tackles tough tasks with calmly grace, activates consumers and enhances brand value from brand shaping to marketing, from online to offline, from substantial to digital world.

Grasping an international advertising company of Japanese genes advocating minimalism aesthetics, JAXDA uses ADK latest brand-assisted graphics as main elements in its new office space. From layout plan to decoration elements, oblique lines and geometric configurations are used to create dynamic, cutting-edge and agile atmosphere. Upon designing, matched colors and materials are favored to reduce oppressing tone contrast to help with concentration and communications. The combination of white, grey, red and wood parallels with Japanese aesthetics in space design.

Changing working habits and style seem to be easier for advertising companies. However design practitioners are much more heavily rely on desktop computers than other industries. In ADK Shanghai office, all marketing team members use ABW working methods without fixed workstations, which increases space utilization and communication efficiency. Depending on desktops, designers retain their fixed workstations. With enough locker cabinets to store personal items, it keeps workspace clean and tidy to set off creativity instead of suffocated in a messy environment.

Changes in ADK office echo the variations of developing modes in advertising industry. Communication and collaboration between different professions and multi-functional scenarios shall arise here.