MSL Shanghai Office

Location - Yanping Rd, Jingan District, Shanghai
Size - 1000 SQM
Client - MSL
Year - 2018
Services - Design & Construction
MSL China is affiliated to MSL, a strategic consulting and public communication agency affiliated to Publicis Groupe . With more than 3,000 leading consultants and over 100 offices worldwide, MSL is also the largest PR network in Europe, and is fast-growing in China and India. This time, JAXDA creates a "compound" office space for MSL China in Jing’an District, the heart of Shanghai.

Conceptually, diversity, interest and collaboration are all the meanings of design to this project. Teamwork is the basis of all work as a company dominated by strategic consulting. Therefore, how to provide positive office environment for multi-member and cross-departmental cooperation becomes extremely important.
We use the "hub" zone between the open office blocks to place collaborative communication areas on various topics. Whether it is small-scale discussion within the team or cross-departmental "collaborative operations" are most satisfied in terms of convenience and space types.

From the point of view of working mode, the whole office does not provide any mobile cabinet for employees, but all employees share enough matching Lockers. The new storage mode enables employees to increase communication by moving and meeting in space.
The most distinctive "Pac-Man" multi-functional space, from storage, semi-private space to open discussion area, is designed to make the space more complex, providing a variety of possibilities for different needs of work scenarios in the same space.

The large conference room is partitioned by movable glass which can be fully opened. When the partition closes, it is two independent conference rooms which have no influence on each other. In special scenarios, such as large-scale activities or training meetings, the partition can be fully opened to maximize the use of space.

Because most of the company's employees are women, we have transformed the original toilet into a super big one exclusive for females, with ambient lighting, makeup mirror, makeup table, smart toilet and even a shower.

In this project, the integration of customer business resources and office environment is also an important consideration. It needs to make space that is both interesting and compatible with MSL brand tone. The original grindstone floor of the building is retained in the material design. The ground is white and grey, with colorful carpets and sound absorbing materials. The reasonable arrangement makes it have a better sense of spatial rhythm.